Wednesday, April 29, 2009

Easter 2009


Easter...a time to thank Jesus for all he does for us. He made the biggest sacrifice and gave his life for us. Easter Sunday was a day filled with joy. Sunday we woke up knowing we had to be out front for pictures before church. Austyn, Wendy and I had the day planned to a T for the most part. Picture time was fun... (Austyn made sure we were all color
Bert, the kids and I do not have any family here. We have been accepted into these two families with open arms. We appreciate them and love them.
The day was filled with smiles and laughs. We cooked a huge meal and ate for what seemed like hours. Mel and Mike deep fried a turkey...yummy! Wendy, Austyn and I slaved in the kitchen and poor Bert was the run around man. He set up, cleaned up and kept us all together. (He is the glue ya know) Thanks to Grandma Cathy for her sweet potato secrets....they were a hit.